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Community Conversations presented by JourneySantaFe

MAY 2015
| June 2015

A Sunday morning gathering of progressive thinkers who explore, through presentations, issues that influence our daily lives and the lives of future generations. We hope these gatherings, through understanding and knowledge of the world around us, will ignite change for the common good and provide a sense of community. FREE and OPEN to the public.

May 3, Sunday, 11 am
Books/Talks/Lectures (at Collected Works Bookstore & Coffeehouse)

Truchas Artist Judith Hert Talks About Her New Book, Yellow House, Mauve Sky,
And Her Life As An Artist Living In Truchas, NM

Moderator: Alicia Johnson of The New Mexico Wilderness Alliance

Judith Hert"Yellow House, Mauve Sky" is a fable by Judith Hert about a mouse who becomes a painter.  Not a children's book, the story's climax is Morris Mouse's first show and the books' art is the paintings from that show.  So Judith is channeling a mouse, insecure and largely self trained but in love with color.  The story begins with the Degas quote: "It's easy to paint when you don't know how but difficult when you do."  The story includes an art review by the Morris's friend the Critical Crow.  This is a small, arty or artful, playful book, not easily categorized.

Judith Hert lives, writes, paints in Truchas on the High Road where she has her own gallery.  In her previous life she was a college teacher and administrator.

Hert is a terrific reader and  welcomes questions for the mouse and the crow. 

About her art she says, “I am tempted to call these works arrangements. They are arrangements of shapes, lines, colors, textures which, if they work, invite attention and investigation and finally emotion. I want the colors to pop and sing. I want structures that have both tension and completeness. These are process paintings. I find my way in, play, create problems, and finally solve or resolve. I say I create a mess and then get out alive.”

Judith HertIn addition to painting, Judith is alsowriting her memoir. She received her Masters in English and also taught literature and has always been interested in writing. She’s written poems and stories and published an essay, as well as many professional papers, but she was genuinely surprised by how challenging writing this memoir has been. She says, “Both painting and writing can be so fulfilling and nurturing even though they drive you nuts.” She has a New York agent and editor but catches herself thinking sometimes that she’s turning 75 in the fall and she really shouldn’t have to work so hard.

May 10, Sunday, 11 am
Books/Talks/Lectures (at Collected Works Bookstore & Coffeehouse)

An Overview of the Green Chamber of Commerce and the Santa Fe Green Festival, 
Santa Fe’s Biggest Gathering of Sustainably-minded Consumers -
With Executive Director Glen Schiffbauer

Moderators:  Les Lakind & KSFR radio host Xubi Wilson

Northern New Mexico’s green businesses and organizations are rolling out the green carpet for Santa Feans young and old at the Santa Fe Green Festival in May. In conjunction with the Santa Fe Farmers Market, festival goers can experience new renewable energy technologies, the latest in electric vehicles, organic food, water harvesting, interactive exhibits for kids and much much more!

The festival showcases green products, services and missions the environmentally and socially-focused audience here in Northern New Mexico (over 2500 people visit the Farmer’s Market each week in this season!). This unique platform is designed to generate both business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales, promote brands, and create new relationships and customers in an engaging green marketplace. Oh yeah!

Call Glenn Schiffbauer at 505-428-9123 for more information.

Glenn Schiffbauer, a native New Mexican, received his BBA from New Mexico State University and his MBA from the Robert O. Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico. After 16 years in management at renowned Rancho Encantado, he started two small businesses in Santa Fe. He also worked with his wife Kim as a consultant for businesses statewide in both marketing and public affairs. In 2005 he became a liaison and project manager for Robert Redford in New Mexico working on a variety of projects from film to governmental to green construction.

Glenn serves on the Sustainable Santa Fe Commission and the Santa Fe Green Lodging Initiative.

May 17, Sunday, 11 am
Books/Talks/Lectures (at Collected Works Bookstore & Coffeehouse)

A Conversation with MARK RUDD, Former SDS and Weathermen Member,
and Bill 
Dupuy, the former News Director for KSFR Radio Station

In 1968 Mark Rudd led the "legendary occupation of five buildings at Columbia University, a dramatic act of protest against the University's support of the Vietnam War and it's institutional racism. Mark was the charismatic chairman of the Columbia Chapter of the SDS, Students for Democratic Action, the largest radical student organization in the United States". Rudd has been an activist his whole life. A good friend of Bill Ayers he lives in Albuquerque where he taught math at a local high school for many years.

Today he is embracing a new challenge and will discuss Naomi Klein's book, "This Changes Everything," as he talks about the substance of the book, its critics and global warming in a conversation with Bill Dupuy, the former News Director for KSFR Radio Station.

Mark has invited Camilla Feilbelman, director of NM Sierra Club, to participate in the discussion.

A Good Goodbye book coverA program with Mark is always an inspiration as he talks from his heart about the essence of the matter be it protesting wars or protecting the earth's environment and life as we know it. Please join us!

Mark is the author of the book UNDERGROUND.

(On photo: Mark Rudd (right) with Tom HaydenStrand Bookstore, New York City, 2007)

May 24, Sunday, 11 am
Books/Talks/Lectures (at Collected Works Bookstore & Coffeehouse)

John Hendry The President of the New Mexico Federation of Labor AFL-CIO
On New Mexico Film Incentive Package, and More.

Moderator: Bill Dupuy, former News Director for KSFR Radio Station

Jon Hendry is the President of the New Mexico Federation of Labor AFL-CIO and the Business Agent for IATSE Local 480. As one of the prime instigators and movers of the State’s film incentive package, he has worked across the aisle with two Republican and one Democratic governor to create the "New Mexico Film Miracle."

As President of the NMFL AFL-CIO, he is responsible for the State’s unions’ legislative program, including the recent successful fight against Right To Work.

He will be discussing the state of the political landscape locally and nationally from the union point of view, building coalitions within the progressive community, and creating economic development through good green jobs.

May 31, Sunday, 11 am
Books/Talks/Lectures (at Collected Works Bookstore & Coffeehouse)

NM Wilderness Attorney Judy Calman will give an overview of the McKittrick policy and lawsuit regarding NM Gray Wolves and the NM Game Commision/Ladder Ranch permit situation, Federal land use and agency planning, Santa Fe Geothermal Issues, and the controversial situation regarding Oil and Gas Development on federal lands, how it works, and what the Pit rule is.
Introduction with Alicia Johnson from the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance
Moderator: Attorney Denise Fort.
Program Host: Bill Dupuy, the former News Director for KSFR Radio Station.

Judy Calman
moved to New Mexico towards the end of 2001, inspired by a life-long fascination with the West. After completing degrees in Biology and Philosophy and working on several political campaigns, she realized her true passion to be environmental policy. She completed her law degree at the University of New Mexico, as well as a Masters in Environmental Law and Policy at the Vermont Law School. She has worked at the City of Albuquerque as an Energy and Wildlife Consultant, at WildEarth Guardians on endangered species litigation, and at an environmental law firm in Atlanta opposing new coal plants.

For the past three years, she has been helping New Mexico Wilderness Alliance ensure that federal agencies are complying with environmental laws, working to propose more federal lands for Administrative protections, and appealing agency actions which are particularly damaging to public lands.  She represented NMWA in the statewide pit rule hearings which occurred last year, is currently appealing several BLM oil and gas decisions to the Interior Board of Land Appeals, and has filed suit against the Department of Justice for a damaging policy regarding Mexican wolves.


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